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Western Construction Auctions WCA
Ritchie Brothers are the biggest Auction company in the world. They have around 3 auctions per week in North America.
These three Auction companies are based in California.
We can source any new or used machinery you desire!  If it is used, we can provide a thorough pre-purchase inspection.  We have two Purchasing Agents (both qualified diesel mechanics) that are available to inspect any machinery throughout the USA.  One is based on the West Coast (Los Angles, California) and the other on the East Coast (Frederick, Maryland).  Once your we have bought your machine our  team will ensure a hassle free import.
Forestry Industry.  We can supply the following new and used brands
Boating.  We can supply the following boating brands
Off Road.  We can supply the following off road brands
Buying at Auction:  Please click on the links below to see what is available
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